Can recycled still be beautiful?

My answer to this is a resounding yes!! Often the term recycled conjures up images of something that is old or tatty, but that isn't always the case.  How do I know? I know because all of my handmade jewellery is created using 100% recycled silver.  Yes, you read that correctly, it is 100% recycled silver.  I work with silver clay to create the pieces.  Silver clay is produced by taking recycled silver, usually from the photography and film industry, grinding it into a fine powder and mixing it with organic clay.  Once the piece is fully dried it is fired.  During the firing process (which is really rather exciting because I fire with a handheld butane torch) all the organic clay burns away, leaving 99.9% pure, fine silver.  All the findings (earring posts, scrolls, chains, jump rings etc), are sourced from a company that buys unwanted, unsalable silver from jewellers, melt them down and turn them into the findings, so again it is all recycled silver.

That is one of the things that I love about working with the silver clay, there is literally no waste.  If it goes wrong in the wet stage, I just roll it up and start again.  If it goes wrong in the dry stage e.g. breaks whilst I am sanding it down, I grind it into a powder and add water to make a paste which I then use to join pieces or to paint layers onto real leaves to make the real leaf pendants.  If it goes wrong in the firing stage - I have melted more than one piece - or once fired it just doesn't turn out the way I thought it would, I send it off to that company to be melted down and turned into chains and findings.

So my answer to the question is most definitely yes it can be very beautiful!!!!

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